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I’M loving season four of Glee on Ten (Wednesday nights). And it’s partly because of the new characters who have supercharged the series.

Not that I’m tired of Rachel (Lea Michele), Finn (Cory Monteith), Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), Emma (Jayma Mays) or Kurt (Chris Colfer) and co, but the addition of Aussie Australian Idol finalist Dean Geyer as Brody Weston (pictured) is certainly heating up the tempo in the New York scenes.

And to top it up, back at McKinley High, The Glee Project winner Blake Jenner (playing footballer Ryder Lynn) is already showing he’s got the appeal and talent to be a star.

If you followed Jenner through The Glee Project, a series on Eleven aimed to selecting a winner who’d then appear in a number of Glee episodes, he was the stand out. He didn’t have as unusual a “back story” as two of the other contestants, Ali Stroker or Aylin Bayramoglu, but the judges were after a new potential star and Jenner is set to be that break-out character in season four. (I’m hoping the writers see it that way, too, and give him the material to shine).

Other new characters in season four, Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist) and Puck’s half brother Jake (Jacob Artist) are also adding classy talent and different storylines to the season.

As for Geyer, he’s proving a bit of a heartthrob and one of the suggested searches on Google is not just for Dean Geyer but “Dean Geyer shirtless”- always a clue to what female fans are thinking….

And now Rachel and Finn have called it quits (for the moment) Rachel is free to get to know Brody.

Glee season three, for me, felt a little uneasy, and even a touch awkward. Even the music wasn’t quite as appealing as previous seasons. But season four is off to a strong start, with a “New Direction” indeed.

FAVOURITE VOICE: Still Blaine (Darren Criss) but I loved Blake Jenner on the Glee Project and he’ll be challenging my allegiances this season.

HOT GUY ALERT: The Google suggestions have it right with Dean Geyer.

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