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IT’S not often a TV show really shocks you.

Wayward Pines did just that. Its “big reveal” – the truth – answered our questions and was totally unexpected in a jaw dropping way.

“You think you want to know the truth but you don’t,” Sheriff Pope warned special agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) a few episodes ago. “It’s worse than you can ever imagine.”

He was right.

The revelation left me feeling ill; imagining if I were a character in Wayward Pines I’d feel hopeless and trapped once I knew what was really going on.

There is no way out.

At the same time, the truth is bold and wonderful, a new beginning that leaves us asking, “what happens now?”

Since the start, Wayward Pines tantalised us with more insights into the mystery surrounding this town. It was like a puzzle with pieces falling into place but still not forming the picture – only creating more mystery.

That is until the episode appropriately called The Truth. Both special agent Ethan Burke and his son Ben learn what’s really going on.

Ethan climbs a mountain and Ben becomes a member of something that feels a bit like a cult.

If you’d read the Blake Crouch novels Wayward Pines are based on you may have known the “big reveal” already. But most of us just let this series unfold and take us where we could not imagine.

That the big reveal was in episode five rather than the last is unusual. The series frontrunners, who promised this 10-part series will deliver a beginning, middle and a conclusion, said they want us to “live in this world” for a bit.

And what a strange world it is. As Sheriff Pope warned, we really didn’t want to know.

If you’re not onboard for Wayward Pines, I strongly recommend checking it out. Whatever you’ve heard about how good this is – believe it.

You will be gob smacked and excited about where this series goes and where the truth means it is yet to take us.

If you haven’t seen it, this is what we can tell you: Ethan Burke is on the trail of two missing agents when he finds himself in Wayward Pines after a car accident.

He can’t leave; every road just leads back to Wayward Pines. The town is also surrounded by mountains and a tall, electrified fence.

He’s warned about the rules: Do not try to leave; do not talk about the past. Always answer the phone when it rings. Public “reckonings” or executions are held for those who break the rules.

In case you’re new to the series produced by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) I won’t say much more. Only to add that this wonderful, creepy series will not disappoint.

Wayward Pines is out on DVD and available via iTunes.

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